Let’s face it, when you own a dog, one of the biggest issues you have to deal with is cleaning up after they shed all that hair. Well, we’ve been in this game long enough to know which pet hair vacuum to recommend.  In Part I of this series, we reviewed this vacuum by Black & Decker. In Part II we’re going to review the Dyson DC 40.

The Dyson DC40 Origin might knock you off your feet with its price tag of $270, but does it have the features to back it up? The yellow and gray machine offers Radial Root Cyclone technology and redesigned air flow systems. Its self-adjusting head smoothly navigates all surfaces of your home, easily. The innovative ball is where the magic all happens, the Dyson ball holds its center of gravity, making the machine simpler to steer.

With its impressive variety of tools, this vacuum is sure to provide easy cleaning. The machine includes a stair tool and combination accessory pack, designed to navigate crevices with precision. This Dyson is equipped with a HEPA filtration system, this means that its hypo-allergenic. It picks up the smallest of particles, removing dust from your home with ease. Unlike other machines, this one actually saves you money in the long run. It features filters that are re-washable for a lifetime of use.
In addition to its impressive features, the vacuum includes a design that makes it simple to navigate angles and small spaces of your home.

Upon removing your machine from the box, the hose will be brand new, so naturally it is going to be stiff. After a few uses it will become more flexible. The hose included with this model is a bit shorter than previous models. Customers have complained that the length of both the hose and the cord use some extension.

Despite a few short comings, that are hopefully addressed in newer models, this machine is incredibly powerful. With its revolutionary suction capabilities and impressive allergen reduction technology, this is definitely worth its price tag. This machine should last a lifetime. It includes a confident, 5 year warranty.

Our Two Favorite Pet Vacuums: Part I

Let’s face it, when you own a dog, one of the biggest issues you have to deal with is cleaning up after they shed all that hair. Well, we’ve been in this game long enough to know which pet hair vacuum to recommend. So in Part I of this series, we’re going to review one of our favorites, the Black and Decker 1410L:

With a price tag of $59.88 and a an impressive 4 ½ star rating on Amazon, this hand-held vacuum is sure to impress customers. It is designed to reach those stubborn crevices in your home where all of the bread crumbs end up and no other machine dares to venture. With this devices enhanced features and stellar reviews, it’s easy to see why this hand-held remains the #1 Best Seller of its class.

The Black & Decker CHV1410L Dust Buster weighs just under 4 pounds, making vacuuming a breeze. As an added precaution, power tools are formatted to fit snugly in the body of the vac. The machine is cordless and offers smart charge technology, promising that the battery life won’t suffer loss over the years. In addition to it’s weight and charging capabilities, the small vac also boasts 50% increase in reach, strong suction and efficient power. These added features allow for quick, easy cleaning without the aches and pains.

Due to the vacuums cordless capabilities it must be charged on a dock. Customers have complained that the charging port shines a bit too brightly; you may want to keep vacuum in a separate room if bright light bothers you. This hand-held is very powerful and can be quite loud during operation.

The CHV1410L is a reasonably priced, powerful machine that promises to retain it’s quality over time.
With very few product flaws, this vacuum is one of the best hand-held cleaning tools on the market. It offers easy-reach technology and a lot of power along with a two year limited warranty.

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